Bad News For Republicans As George Soros Returns To Mainstream Politics

The Republican Party top-level administration and their core supporters didn’t take very lightly of the news that George Soros had resurfaced on the political scene, once again. The conservative Tea Party supporters had gotten used to a life without the imposing billionaire, Soros using his wealth to detract the Republican’s courses and agendas.

Political lobbyism isn’t something new. No, in fact, it’s been around since the beginning of time and today, most, if not all, of our government officials and elected leaders sway to the beat of powerful campaign donors in every vital legislation decision they undertake. The will of the masses has been relegated to the second position; the needs and the desires of the lobbyists take pole position. Sometimes, this influence is great and it ends up doing all sorts of wonderful reforms in the system.

Democracy on Trial

But, at times, the people controlling our leaders use their influence to continue to operate with complete disregard to the rule of law. In the past, oil companies owned by the most powerful backers of the political parties have walked away scot-free after having caused untold environmental damage and disaster to fragile marine ecosystems. To make matters worse, some of the companies owned by the people who own government even get bail-outs if ever they run into financial calamities. These are some of the things which often keep billionaire investors and reformists like George Soros awake many-a-nights. No wonder, over the course of his lifetime he’s doled out a fortune estimated to be worth in the billions towards funding causes which promote social justice, freedom, and prosperity to all, more so the immigrants and the marginalized folks.

Lifetime Work

The billionaire has spent his entire life working towards promoting noble causes like tolerance. His perspectives are, however, in complete contrast to those espoused by the Republican Party front runner, Donald Trump. Trump has made it very clear that he is not going to put up with immigrants. In fact, he’s proposed building a wall with their immediate neighbor, Mexico in a bid to control immigrants from seeking refuge in the states. If that were the case many years back then he, Soros would not have come to America. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

The Trump-Factor

The very prospect of Donald Trump running and controlling the world’s most powerful office is a nauseating experience for George Soros. Soros disapproves of Trump more than he even despised his previous Republican Party presidential incumbent, George Bush. The Hungarian immigrant who studied economics at the London School of Economics has often referred to President Trump as being as evil as the radical terror group ISIS.

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Hefty Donations

In the last Presidential elections in the U.S, Soros and his charity organizations are reported by the Federal Electoral Commission as having donated amount exceeding $25M to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. The latter unfortunately lost, but experts suggest that the Soros machine is still on course with funding Super PACs loyal to the ideals of the Democratic Party and those of the founder of the Open Society Forum organization. To check out the list of benefactors to the donations provided by George Soros and his partners, check out this post shared on Politico. Read more on

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