Securus Technologies, Partnering Makes Perfect

Securus Technologies, a company specializing in connecting inmates with their loved ones, is making news lately. Wanting to expand its services, the company acquired two other companies recently, JPay and GovPayNet. The decision is proving itself to be worthwhile, as new beneficial technology is being introduced. The technology is known as a wireless containment system.


Working as a cell tower, WCS makes it impossible to use contraband cell devices from inside the facility where the system is placed. It works by intercepting the call or text message and telling the person attempting the communication that the call has been disconnected. Illegal communications from within correctional institutions have resulted in many unfortunate violent crimes. Among those injured by these crimes are Robert Johnson, a retired correctional facility worker, and even an infant. Johnson has since partnered with Securus to advance the technology and is even lobbying to make the systems mandatory by law.


JPay and GovPayNet are typically known as financial services companies. JPay is best known for money wiring and funding inmate accounts. The company has also recently introduced tablet computers made available to purchase by inmates. The tablets are loaded with educational software and limited entertainment. This helps the inmates return to the “outside” with a head start. Certainly, an advantageous effort for those returning to the working world. GovPayNet is known as one of the largest payment processors for governmental entities. Payments for items like court costs, probation, traffic tickets and the like are all under the GovPayNet umbrella. The companies are excited to bring new technology to the forefront and improve the already existing technology. Both companies have been in business for many years and are joining the 30 plus years of experience that Securus has in the business as a leader.


Securus Technologies also has a great record when it comes to customer service. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Being awarded the prestigious Torch Award, the company is recognized for outstanding ethical practices. With an “A+” rating to match its over 95 percent customer satisfaction record, Securus continues its impressive streak. The company serves thousands of agencies across the country in addition to the 1.2 million inmates served. Other well-known services include video visitation, messaging, voicemail, and financial services. When it comes to taking care of everyone involved in the world of corrections, Securus proudly delivers quality, innovative products for the benefit of everyone.

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