Enhanced Athlete Wins Lawsuit

Enhanced Athlete, a fitness company based in Cheyenne, Wyoming was called out and had a lawsuit filed against them by Nutrition Distribution. They claimed that Enhanced Athlete had been using false advertisements in order to get more sales. They believe they are the leader in the distribution of fitness and health products, and that their competitors have been falsely advertising these products and that they deserve a settlement. This claim is just one of 70 lawsuits that Nutrition distribution has filed against their competitors for false advertising, along with several other cease and desist orders.


Enhanced athlete has has claimed that Nutrition Distribution is just in the business of shaking down lawsuits in order to settle this matter with their competitors, so they coerce them so these companies do not have to face the legal fees of defending themselves against Nutrition Distribution’s claims against them. They argue that Nutrition Distribution has never been able to prove against any of the companies that they have targeted that their claims are true. Also they stated that there has been no proven correlation between these alleged false advertisement claims and Nutrition Distribution’s loss in sales.


Nutrition Distribution tried the court for a preliminary injunction with the claims against Enhanced Athlete for falsely advertising it’s bodybuilding and fitness products. The court denied their request and agreed with Enhanced Athlete’s stance that they couldn’t prove any connection between the advertising and loss of sales for Nutrition Distribution. The court also saying that these claims were no more than speculation and can’t be proven by the plaintiff. Enhanced Athlete’s Attorney Michael Adams of Rutan & Tucker, LLP says that his client is just the latest in a long line of false claims by the the plaintiff, Nutrition Distribution in which they did not win because they couldn’t even establish a casual connection. Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete added that his company would not be the next victim of Nutrition Distribution’s shakedown scheme. He says that they will continue to attempt these shakedowns if other companies continue to pay them nuisance settlements, but assured that his company will not fall in line.


As Enhanced Athlete puts this behind them and continues to flourish in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, they will keep doing what they have been, and continue expanding. As will their sister companies Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. Enhanced Gear is their site for apparel and other products dealing with their company. Enhanced Coaching is also a site that has the options of doing one on one training for bodybuilding and fitness routines. Enhanced Athlete, along with it’s sister sites plan to continue to put out a quality product as they always have.

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