Surf Air: Changing air travel experience in the U.S

Traditionally, air travel was for the rich and wealthy in the society. Most of the rich people boarded planes when going for vacations and holidays with their families. But times have changed. Air travel is no longer a preserve for the rich and affluent in the society. It has become a necessity for businesspeople running businesses in different states and countries and other people who need to travel for leisure or to visit relatives in other parts of the world.

Even with the increased use of air travel, a lot of people are dissatisfied with the services offered by most of the commercial airlines. In most of the commercial airlines, it is common to find multiple checkpoints, delayed flights, long lines and lengthy layovers.

Surf Air was recently introduced to save travelers by removing all the blockades associated with air travel. Surf Air is now considered as the game changer in the air travel industry. Surf Air seeks to expand and change the traveling experience for more than 2.9 million travelers who fly each day to various destinations in the U.S alone. Anyone can use Surf Air services regardless of whether they are traveling for work, pleasure or even visiting relatives.

Removing barriers

Surf Air has managed to remove most of the hurdles associated with traditional airlines. They have achieved this by introducing a membership club where travelers are charged an affordable subscription fee for several flights within the U.S.

The concept has proved hugely successful with more people subscribing to Air Surf membership each day. Currently, they have more than 4,000 members and they are making about 90 flights across Texas, Nevada and California. They have recently expanded to Europe, and the business is growing each day tremendously.

About Surf Air

Surf Air is a product of a Los Angeles-based business incubator, MuckerLab. It was founded in 2012, and within four years of operation, Surf Air had registered more than 3,000 members. Recently, Surf Air acquired Rise Airlines, which helped them to increase their subscriptions by more than 25 percent. Surf Air expanded their operations to U.K in June last year.

Charlamagne Stops By HBCU To Discuss New Book

Charlamagne Tha God has a podcast called The Brilliant Idiots and is a host on Power105’s radio show The Breakfast Club. He has also made appearances in television and film, such as VH1’s Guy Code and the film Bodied.

He is also an author, just releasing his second book. It is called Shook One; Anxiety Playing Tricks One Me, and it’s all about the struggles he went through as a young person that he now regrets. He talks about PTSD, anxiety, and why he made the decision to seek therapy.

Charlamagne discussed the book and other topics on the HBCU 468 podcast.

Charlamagne explained where he got the name of the book from. He took two well-known hip hop songs – Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones” and Geto Boys’ “My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me” – and combined the tracks into an appropriately title for a book. “Shook Ones” is a song about not being scared, and “My Minds Playing Tricks On Me” is a song about insanity.

The subject of the #MeToo movement eventually came up during the episode. After explaining that he had 2 daughters, a wife, and another daughter on the way, Charlamagne said that he couldn’t be more in favor of women receiving the opportunity to speak up.

“If you want to judge me for old things, I’m fine with that,” Charlamagne said. “My narrative has completely changed.” Charlamagne checked himself into therapy at the age of 39 in order to deal with his past mistakes.

Details on his younger life, his changes, and his therapy can be found in the book. For example, when Charlamagne was younger, he found himself in constant trouble with the law. In fact, he was arrested three different times before breaking into the radio industry. He is now one of the most well-known personalities in hip-hop radio.

Ted Bauman: Getting the Best of Both Worlds

There are many investment opportunities, but many people don’t see them. Succeeding in business requires one to know a lot about the business world and walk closely with a successful investor like Ted Bauman to master the art. From what Ted has observed, many people have little knowledge about bonds and stocks. He advises people to invest in this area if they want to enjoy great results. Most people face disaster because they don’t prepare well. Though every investor desires to see a steady market, it may crash for various reasons. What worries Ted is that the market may crash at a time when people aren’t prepared enough. This would be the worst disaster for an investor.

Although the market may remain stable for a long time, it’s still hard to know what may happen to it next. So, the preparation aspect shouldn’t be taken lightly. The bullish market trend is always exciting, but this doesn’t mean it would last forever. As an experienced and competent economist, Ted Bauman says people shouldn’t worry about the change that may come, but about what they would do with that change. He says anyone investing in bonds and stocks should expect the market to go up or down sometimes, and be bold to take it.

Having been in the world of business and investment for a long time, this gifted economist knows some things many people don’t know. To begin with, Ted knows that one has to change their mindset or perception about investment if they want to become true investors. Real investors know they can’t accumulate much wealth from their investment within a short time. Ted Bauman says the investors should develop great perseverance in their business endeavors. Wealth isn’t made in hours. Ted says you should always try to keep your risks minimal and maximize on the available investment opportunity.

Ted Bauman acknowledges that investing in bonds is a smart idea people need to embrace. He, however, says that only a few people do this. Anyone looking for an investment strategy with lower risks would consider bonds. Getting the best of both worlds is what every investor desires. Investing in bonds and stocks would increase your chances to reap handsome returns on investment. If the stock market happens to crash, you would still be fine since the bond market is steady. A great investor is a great thinker who only goes for a winning investment strategy.


How EOS Lip Balm Lapped The Competition

EOS Lip Balm has been credited with changing the beauty aisle over the past 10 years. Their products, which come in colorful orbs, have become the top ones in their market among beauty experts, bloggers, and millennials. They launched their product in America in 2007 and it has already surpassed the sales of more established brands like Blistex and Chapstick.

Early Market Research intended from the start that their products would be available globally. They came up with the acronym Evolution of Smooth and EOS Lip Balm launched first in America. Before they released this product, though, they conducted a lot of research into what consumers were looking for when it came to lip balm. What they learned was that lip balm had been directed towards both sexes since it was first developed in the early 1900s.

Their research showed that it is primarily women who use lip balm. Due to this, they decided to focus their products on women which turned out to be a great decision. Women make up 80% of the buyers of lip balm so when they had a product targeted directly at them they were very receptive. One of the co-founders of Early Market Research, Jonathon Teller, says that he feels that the established brands had gotten very lazy and left a huge opening for his company to find success.

The packaging of EOS Lip Balm has played a huge part in the success. One big problem that women universally experienced around the world was that the existing lip balms couldn’t be found very easily inside of purses. The oval shape of EOS Lip Balm makes it easy to spot in a purse as well as the color. Women also like that it comes in a jar-type package that doesn’t require them to stick their fingers in it in order to apply it to their lips.

How to Prevent a Young Child From Choking on Everyday Household Items

As any experienced parent knows, young toddlers are obsessed with putting absolutely everything they can find in their mouths. Although this can lead to some cute and heart-warming moments, there is a high likelihood that one of these items could eventually get lodged in either the windpipe or food pipe and become life-threatening.


Dr. Saad Saad, a skilled pediatric surgeon who has had many encounters with dangerous objects lodged in children’s throats, has successfully removed all sorts of harmful items ranging from baby teeth to toothbrushes. Consequently, he has carefully outlined what to do in these sorts of situations, should they occur. According to Dr. Saad Saad, if a child is less than 6 years old, the best way to safely dislodge an item is to hold them upside down by their legs while simultaneously tapping on their back until the stuck item is dislodged. If the child is above 6, then the parent should opt for preforming the Heimlich maneuver by standing directly behind them, wrapping their hands around the waste, and thrusting their arms under the rib cage directly into the abdomen. If neither of these achieve the desired result, it is best to take the child to the emergency room. Dr. Saad Saad urges parents to stay away from attempting to dislodge an item by scooping it out with their finger because it has the potential of pushing the item deeper and causing further damage.


Dr. Saad Saad has developed a guideline for parents that is aimed at reducing the probability of having an unsafe item lodged in their child’s throat. One of the things he strongly advocates against is allowing children to be around peanuts. Because of their small size, peanuts easily end up stuck in the windpipe, allowing the liquid in the lungs to make them soft and causing them to expand, resulting in further blockage. Extracting peanuts can be a difficult process because pulling them out with tweezers can cause the breaking of a piece into fragments that can spread to the rest of the lungs. Another common food item he strongly cautions against is hot dogs for children under 2 years because, if not chewed properly, they are the perfect size to block the windpipe. Learn more:


Perhaps the most dangerous household item that Dr. Saad Saad urges parents to be mindful of is the battery. Their relatively small size means they can be swallowed with ease, which could result in severe injuries and serious burns if the acid leaks out inside of the child’s organs.


Hard to Swallow Advice From Dr. Saad Saad


Peter Briger Essential to Fortress Group’s Diversification

Fortress Group manages $43 billion for its investors. Managing the investment of such sums requires competent leaders with well-rounded backgrounds in finance and investing. At the top of Fortress Group’s management team are its three principals, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger.

Unlike Edens and Nardone, Peter Briger was not there for the 1998 founding of Fortress Group, which he joined four years later in 2002. Briger was invited to become a principal at Fortress because of his track record in debt securities and real estate investing. At the time Fortress was eager to broaden its operations beyond the private equity investments that dominated its portfolio at that point.

Before coming to Fortress, Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs in 1996. Just one year later, in 1997, Briger cofounded Goldman Sachs’ Special Situations Group. Known for both the secrecy surrounding its investments and the profitability of those investments, some credit the Special Situations Group for generating a significant chunk of Goldman’s revenue from the mid-aughts to 2015. One of the groups cofounders left in 2007, pointing to the inadequacy of his $70 million per annum compensation. Briger’s tenure in that group was by itself enough to cement his rep as an investment manager with elite skills.

The Special Situations Group’s fundamental strategy was to invest in debts or properties that had, for whatever reason, fallen from favor in the minds of mainstream investment managers. The group would buy, ride out the bad times and the negative sentiment, ultimately producing head-turning profits. Whether it was Thai auto loans, a UK power station, or other Asian investments in troubled mortgages, or an alcoholic beverage producer, Briger and his teammates saw opportunity where others saw tainted reputations or political uncertainty.

Given Peter Briger’s considerable experience in Asian investments, particularly in debt securities and real estate, it seems likely that Briger’s presence at Fortress was very much a part of SofBank’s (a Japanese multinational) 2017 acquisition of Fortress Group for USD 3.3 billion. The sale vaulted Briger back onto the Forbe’s 400 list of billionaires. It is no coincidence that Briger’s office is on the west coast of the US, on an ocean shared with Asia.

Peter Briger earned a BA at Princeton University and remains not only an active alumnus but a significant financial contributor to his alma mater. Briger went on to earn an MBA from Wharton.

Dr Eric Forsthoefel: Medical Insurance Companies should not pay for Emergency Room Visits for Non-Urgent Medical Cases

According to Dr Eric Forsthoefel, there is an increase in the number of people seeking medical services in the emergency rooms without the necessary conditions such as critical medical issues and justifications from a medical practitioner. This is consistent with a research study conducted by the George Washington University and other private researchers. Moreover, the number seems to be increasing, and no legal method seems to be working to reduce or reverse the trend. Since the early 1990s, patients have preferred medical services in the emergency department rather than the primary care department, and the frequency seems to be increasing.

The problem is that this issue is stretching the resources in the emergency department such that they are used for other purposes other than the intended one which is caring for the individuals with the acute need of emergency medications. All the resources set aside to cater for the needs of the emergency department are used to cater to people whose conditions cannot be considered urgent. It is that the number of people in need of emergency services might equal those with actual needs of the emergency department, which could prove to be to be critical to most of the medical care organizations around the country.

In several research studies conducted to determine the reasons as to why many people prefer the needs of the emergency department for medical conditions that can be said no to be urgent, the results found are consistent with the findings of Dr Eric Forsthoefel. One of the findings is that individuals prefer to get the services of a medical practitioner within the shortest time possible, which is difficult to get into the primary care department. They are left with no option but to seek for such services in the emergency department, why medical professionals are available on a twenty-four-hour basis.

However, other issues play a critical role in determining why people request for the services of the emergency medical department for non-urgent situations. One such issue is that low-income patients, especially those who do not have medical insurance have a perception that they do not get the most appropriate services from the primary department. Some of them have gone further to highlight that there is no real connection between the primary caregivers and their patients. Overall, the situation can be reversed where people get the services in the departments where they are supposed to get them.

One of the primary methods that are currently being used to prevent people with non-urgent medical issues to visit the emergency department is employers refusing to pay for their employees. Recently, Anthem, the largest medical insurance provider in the United States, covers for one in eight of the covered people in the USA, is cutting payments for medical services in the emergency rooms in medical cases that have been classified as non-urgent. However, this strategy is being seen by many organizations as an attempt to lower the costs while at the same time increasing the profits of the medical insurance provider companies.

Jason Hope supports anti-aging research team

Jason Hope is a futurist and a philanthropist from Arizona. He is one of the people who is supporting worthy causes in the area of technological developments. He is at the center of key research work that is ongoing related to an anti-aging drug. For those who do not yet know, there is research that is being done by a group known as the SENS Research Foundation. This group wants to create a drug that will slow down or stop the pace of aging in human beings. Jason Hope and this organization are driven by the need to have a society that is free of old age diseases.

From research, it is clear that there is a correlation between aging and old age diseases. As we get old, our bodies become frail, and we even become susceptible to diseases that could not have affected us if the bodies were strong. In light of this matter, the organization embarked on research that aims at applying biotechnological knowledge to create a drug that will reverse the effects of aging. A drug that can rebuild body tissues that are damaged due to old age will see the body remain strong for many years. Find out more about Jason Hope on Arizona Capitol Times.

Jason Hope is supporting this project as a philanthropist. Since SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit group, he is helping them achieve their goal which he also sees as a great step towards resolving human diseases. This drug will go to the core cause of old age diseases and not just cure the diseases after it has affected someone as normally happens with the drugs that we are using today.

Jason Hope is right at the center of the whole thing. He has contributed $500,000 to this foundation that has gone to the building of laboratories and hosting of annual conferences that bring experts in this field together to discuss areas which can lead to the drug they are looking for. SENS Research Foundation is optimistic that very soon they might be able to make a breakthrough. Jason Hope on his part continues with philanthropy supporting this organization accomplish this vital goal. For more information, visit Jason Hope:


Jeunesse Instant Ageless Brings Hope to People with Early Aging Challenges

You won’t walk for long distances or evaluate several people before you understand that there are several people with early aging characteristics on their skins and different parts of their faces. The most surprising is that these symptoms are aging is prevalent in people who should not be portraying attributes of early aging. This problem as embarrassed many people out there as they feel older and look older but they cannot explain to a broader audience and the public that how they look is not their actual age, especially in a society that seems to push old people out of the factories and other offices to incorporate more youthful people.


Instant Ageless is a product developed by Jeunesse skin care and nutritional supplement that looks forward to eliminating all the features that portray an individual as old centrally to their actual ages. Instant Ageless works by reducing all the black spots on the face that characterize an aging skin. All the places and the wrinkles that appear on the face are removed by the action of this product that seems to be very effective in removing all new aging characteristics. It is worth noting that Instant Ageless does not take much time to show improvement as compared to other products out there in the stores.


Instant Ageless targets various areas which are prone to age symptoms to ensure that you gain excellent services from the product. For example, some of the aspects that are treated by this product include forehead wrinkles. There are those people who have widespread forehead wrinkles such that they find it hard to explain their age. You will also find facial pores and under eye bags that make an individual look aged. Instant Ageless will eliminate all hooded eyes and eyebrows that make you not to fit in your age group and look older than your peers.



About Jeunesse


Jeunesse is a multinational organization that manufactures and sells nutritional supplements and skin care products to eradicate some of the problems facing people in different parts of the world. Jeunesse corporation has a vision of eradicating early aging to all human beings who have skin problems that make them look old than they are. The entity has grown further to the point where its products can easily be seen in almost all parts of the world.