How EOS Lip Balm Lapped The Competition

EOS Lip Balm has been credited with changing the beauty aisle over the past 10 years. Their products, which come in colorful orbs, have become the top ones in their market among beauty experts, bloggers, and millennials. They launched their product in America in 2007 and it has already surpassed the sales of more established brands like Blistex and Chapstick.

Early Market Research intended from the start that their products would be available globally. They came up with the acronym Evolution of Smooth and EOS Lip Balm launched first in America. Before they released this product, though, they conducted a lot of research into what consumers were looking for when it came to lip balm. What they learned was that lip balm had been directed towards both sexes since it was first developed in the early 1900s.

Their research showed that it is primarily women who use lip balm. Due to this, they decided to focus their products on women which turned out to be a great decision. Women make up 80% of the buyers of lip balm so when they had a product targeted directly at them they were very receptive. One of the co-founders of Early Market Research, Jonathon Teller, says that he feels that the established brands had gotten very lazy and left a huge opening for his company to find success.

The packaging of EOS Lip Balm has played a huge part in the success. One big problem that women universally experienced around the world was that the existing lip balms couldn’t be found very easily inside of purses. The oval shape of EOS Lip Balm makes it easy to spot in a purse as well as the color. Women also like that it comes in a jar-type package that doesn’t require them to stick their fingers in it in order to apply it to their lips.

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