Charlamagne Stops By HBCU To Discuss New Book

Charlamagne Tha God has a podcast called The Brilliant Idiots and is a host on Power105’s radio show The Breakfast Club. He has also made appearances in television and film, such as VH1’s Guy Code and the film Bodied.

He is also an author, just releasing his second book. It is called Shook One; Anxiety Playing Tricks One Me, and it’s all about the struggles he went through as a young person that he now regrets. He talks about PTSD, anxiety, and why he made the decision to seek therapy.

Charlamagne discussed the book and other topics on the HBCU 468 podcast.

Charlamagne explained where he got the name of the book from. He took two well-known hip hop songs – Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones” and Geto Boys’ “My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me” – and combined the tracks into an appropriately title for a book. “Shook Ones” is a song about not being scared, and “My Minds Playing Tricks On Me” is a song about insanity.

The subject of the #MeToo movement eventually came up during the episode. After explaining that he had 2 daughters, a wife, and another daughter on the way, Charlamagne said that he couldn’t be more in favor of women receiving the opportunity to speak up.

“If you want to judge me for old things, I’m fine with that,” Charlamagne said. “My narrative has completely changed.” Charlamagne checked himself into therapy at the age of 39 in order to deal with his past mistakes.

Details on his younger life, his changes, and his therapy can be found in the book. For example, when Charlamagne was younger, he found himself in constant trouble with the law. In fact, he was arrested three different times before breaking into the radio industry. He is now one of the most well-known personalities in hip-hop radio.

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