The Dionysus of Mental Health: Jeremy Goldstein

Mental health has been a subject that has been discussed back and forth for centuries and centuries.

Before, it was said that mental illnesses are a thing of imagination, centuries ago a person with schizophrenia might be mistaken for a person who is believed to be possessed, and even until now a person diagnosed with clinical depression is sometimes sometimes mocked with the idealogy that he or she is just seeking for attention. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

This is not the case, mental health is a serious subject that should be taken and tackled with the most sensitive discretion.

This is why the World Health Organization has deemed mental illnesses as the humanitarian crisis of our time – affecting almost half a billion people around the world.

It lags your life in the most basic aspects like education, work, and societal relationships. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

This is why there are a lot of organizations and groups that help people who suffer from these mental illnesses – one of these groups are Fountain House.

They have been supporting people with mental illnesses for about 70 years now, the group before was named “We Are Not Alone” (kind of like Michael Jackson’s song, ‘you are not alone’) – to send the message that people who are struggling with mental illnesses are indeed, not alone. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

About almost a half a century ago, Fountain house with the help of some of their friends have purchased their own permanent home which had a beautiful fountain in the garden thus their name now, Fountain House.

Jeremy Goldstein, a patriot and champion for mental health and illnesses, a member of the board at Fountain house, and a partner at Jeremy Goldstein and Associates, LLC., hosted an exclusive wine dinner to raise more funds for the heroic cause of Fountain House.

The dinner was menu was nothing short of fancy – they had the finest wine and a scrumptious meal. They had two dinners in total – one in NoMAd Hotel that had a beautiful view of the skyline and had a hand picked selection of Chateau Latour Wine Vintages – this dinner reeled in about thirty thousand dollars.

While the second dinner was held in New York City, in response to the popularity that the first dinner garnered. The second dinner reeled in a little less than twenty five thousand dollars.

In total, they raised about fifty six thousand dollars for fountain house and this supported that professional self-help program that is lead by people who were recovering from their illness with the help from the staff.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani and the City of Dubai

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai based billionaire. His current net worth is $4.1 billion. Forbes published a list of richest people of the Arab world in 2018 and Hussain Sajwani secured the fourth position. He was born in 1952 to an Indian father and got his education from the University of Washington. He is mostly seen talking in Hindi because of his parents.

Hussain Sajwani is a very popular figure in the Middle East. He is known for his real estate empire. He owns the DAMAC Properties. This company was ranked as the fastest growing companies in Forbes Global list in the year 2017. Hussain Sajwani established this company in 2012. Since then, this company has completed a lot of huge projects. DAMAC Properties was listed in the Dubai Financial Market in 2015.

Hussain Sajwani was asked in an interview recently about how the regional turmoil will affect Dubai. Unlike many other people, Mr. Sajwani thinks that this regional unrest will have no negative effect on the city of Dubai. He believes that Dubai is known for its secure and safe environment. When its neighboring countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, and Kuwait are hit with turmoil, people opt for Dubai to seek protection.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani believes that Dubai has always taken advantage from the unrest in the neighboring countries. He gave an example of the Iran-Iran war and how Dubai actually benefitted from this war. The trade increased with Iran after the war. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, a lot of Kuwaiti locals came to Dubai, and the city actually benefitted from this.

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities not only in the Middle East but in the whole world. The city has been using all the advanced technologies and developing more and more each day. It is trying the new distributed ledger technology to make the first ever passport-free airport in the world. Dubai recently launched EmCash. It is a cryptocurrency that is fully backed by the government, unlike other cryptocurrencies. Locals are now able to buy government services and other products from selected markets.

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Jason Hope: Visionary, Entrepreneur, And Philanthropist

Thriving at the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurial, Jason Hope is a businessman ahead of the curve. No doubt a self-made man, Hope is an entrepreneur to the core. As a modern-day business tycoon, what excites Hope is the growing pervasiveness of technology. The trend that intrigues him most is IoT, the Internet of Things. In fact, Hope is of the school of thought that IoT will soon govern our society, forcing businesses to embrace the ever-evolving ways of the modern era. It’s for this reason why Hope advocates the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

As an attempt to support IoT, Hope invests in it. One of his more recent purchases included IoT shoes that track exercise. No doubt futuristic, Hope relishes forward-thinking concepts. While Jason Hope urges entrepreneurs to act on their inclinations, he also warns of putting too many eggs in one basket. What’s more, Hope maintains that entrepreneurs tend to fail because they “neglect their main projects.” As an attempt to practice what he preaches, Jason Hope thinks of the “long-term meaning” of all his ideas. By doing so, he remains laser-focused on the task at hand.

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Far more than a wildly successful entrepreneur, Jason Hope is also a philanthropist. His grant program bespeaks his benevolent disposition. Hope’s grant program serves as a means of getting budding entrepreneurs excited about their novel ideas. For those who show great promise, Hope grants them $500 to jump-start their business ideas. As a businessman himself, Jason Hope is wholly aware of the stumbling blocks that impede the process. It’s for this reason why he strives to be a positive influence and cheerleader to young professionals. No doubt a noble deed, Hope is hallmarked for his charitable essence and kind gestures. Regarding his future, Hope intends to remain in the vanguard of IoT developments.

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How Marc Beer is Changing Lives Through Renovia

Funding is key to any company’s growth. At the beginning of October, Marc Beer through Renovia secured more than $42 million worth of investment. In the medical world, developers must resonate with the company’s ideas and vision before investing. Marc Beer was able to win the hearts of investors through his futurist approach to pharmaceutical and biotechnology business. More importantly, the company received the funding due to its work in making a difference in women health. It is a reality that women health as a niche in pharmaceutical and biotechnology is partially neglected.


The funding will enable Renovia to expand their systems and eventually their vision. According to the CEO, Marc Beer, the funding will also give Renovia the ability to improve efficiency in their systems and make the entity more digitalized. Digitalization will have a great impact on making pelvic treatments easier to administer. The investors were also satisfied with the Renovia approach to medicine and treatment. The relevant authorities (for example Food and Drug Administration) have satisfied all the Renovia products. Learn more:


Two years ago, together with Ramon Iglesias, Marc started one of the most innovative companies in the medical field. He is a passionate investor and Renovia is, without a doubt the future of specialized women healthcare. Specifically, on pelvic floor disorders, Marc Beer is optimistic that this entity will continue to make a difference to thousands of women in need of personalized treatment. Marc is also keen on the research aspect of Renovia in proving up to date treatments. The business structure of Renovia is unique and well thought according to pharmaceutical and biotechnology pundits.


For close to three decades, Marc Beer has exceptionally great in the management of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. These industries require high levels of discipline and organizational skills. He has not only exhibited these skills but he has also been a role model to thousands of young leaders in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. As part of his professional growth and developed, Marc has been fortunate to work in different companies under different capacities. In all these capacities, he has given the entities a new path of profitability and sustainability. As part of the growth also, Marc Beer has been keen on expanding the companies’ capacities to accommodate more employees.


What is the future of Renovia? With the funding the company has received this year, the future of this company can only be bright. Currently, Renovia is one of the few companies in this medical niche to have a fully functional treatment with digital support. Digitalization, according to medical pundits is the future of medicine. In addition, Marc Beer has been able to constitute a very experienced management team to steer the company to the next dispensation and more importantly help the company achieve its goals.

NPR Blogger Isolates Rocketship Education as Target in Biased Piece…

Are you Familiar with Rocketship Education?

Rocketship Education has had a very unique history. The charger group began with one school in 2007 and has grown so much since then that Netflix has offered them $2 million for further expansion purposes. This is because of their high level of expansion/success already from within the bay area region. One particular NPR blogger didn’t find the story so unique, however. In her piece on problems that are common amongst all types of schools, she chose to single out the Rocketship group and have their charter school bear the weight of criticism directly.

Commercial Enterprise Status seemed of a High Level of Importance to Her…

Perhaps the most obvious giveaway behind this blogger’s true intention came in the form of language used in her piece. If you didn’t know that Rocketship Education was a commercial enterprise prior to having read the blog, you should be well aware by the time you have finished it! The writer has attempted to defend herself by sharing a dictionary definition of a company being a group of people, but many of her critics agree that her constant use of the term is an attempt to attack the group for being a commercial enterprise within the field of education.

How do we Know that She was being Biased?

Such a thing became immediately aware when the portion of the reader population familiar with the public school system came forward, almost immediately, with complaints. What was their complaint? That the writer discussed problems that they happen to see all the time within the public school system in such a way that it was implied that said problems were exclusive to charter schools; in particular the “company,” being discussed here.

This type of Blogging is too Easy within a Divided Country…

Blogs fashioned such as the one being discussed here do seem quite unfair as they are distributed among a deeply divided public of readers. One half doesn’t know how the other half works, and writers like her play on this. The reader of this NPR blog is constantly reminded that this charter school group is a commercial company, and then problem after problem gets painted in such a light that it must be charter exclusive!