NPR Blogger Isolates Rocketship Education as Target in Biased Piece…

Are you Familiar with Rocketship Education?

Rocketship Education has had a very unique history. The charger group began with one school in 2007 and has grown so much since then that Netflix has offered them $2 million for further expansion purposes. This is because of their high level of expansion/success already from within the bay area region. One particular NPR blogger didn’t find the story so unique, however. In her piece on problems that are common amongst all types of schools, she chose to single out the Rocketship group and have their charter school bear the weight of criticism directly.

Commercial Enterprise Status seemed of a High Level of Importance to Her…

Perhaps the most obvious giveaway behind this blogger’s true intention came in the form of language used in her piece. If you didn’t know that Rocketship Education was a commercial enterprise prior to having read the blog, you should be well aware by the time you have finished it! The writer has attempted to defend herself by sharing a dictionary definition of a company being a group of people, but many of her critics agree that her constant use of the term is an attempt to attack the group for being a commercial enterprise within the field of education.

How do we Know that She was being Biased?

Such a thing became immediately aware when the portion of the reader population familiar with the public school system came forward, almost immediately, with complaints. What was their complaint? That the writer discussed problems that they happen to see all the time within the public school system in such a way that it was implied that said problems were exclusive to charter schools; in particular the “company,” being discussed here.

This type of Blogging is too Easy within a Divided Country…

Blogs fashioned such as the one being discussed here do seem quite unfair as they are distributed among a deeply divided public of readers. One half doesn’t know how the other half works, and writers like her play on this. The reader of this NPR blog is constantly reminded that this charter school group is a commercial company, and then problem after problem gets painted in such a light that it must be charter exclusive!

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