Jason Hope: Visionary, Entrepreneur, And Philanthropist

Thriving at the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurial, Jason Hope is a businessman ahead of the curve. No doubt a self-made man, Hope is an entrepreneur to the core. As a modern-day business tycoon, what excites Hope is the growing pervasiveness of technology. The trend that intrigues him most is IoT, the Internet of Things. In fact, Hope is of the school of thought that IoT will soon govern our society, forcing businesses to embrace the ever-evolving ways of the modern era. It’s for this reason why Hope advocates the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

As an attempt to support IoT, Hope invests in it. One of his more recent purchases included IoT shoes that track exercise. No doubt futuristic, Hope relishes forward-thinking concepts. While Jason Hope urges entrepreneurs to act on their inclinations, he also warns of putting too many eggs in one basket. What’s more, Hope maintains that entrepreneurs tend to fail because they “neglect their main projects.” As an attempt to practice what he preaches, Jason Hope thinks of the “long-term meaning” of all his ideas. By doing so, he remains laser-focused on the task at hand.

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Far more than a wildly successful entrepreneur, Jason Hope is also a philanthropist. His grant program bespeaks his benevolent disposition. Hope’s grant program serves as a means of getting budding entrepreneurs excited about their novel ideas. For those who show great promise, Hope grants them $500 to jump-start their business ideas. As a businessman himself, Jason Hope is wholly aware of the stumbling blocks that impede the process. It’s for this reason why he strives to be a positive influence and cheerleader to young professionals. No doubt a noble deed, Hope is hallmarked for his charitable essence and kind gestures. Regarding his future, Hope intends to remain in the vanguard of IoT developments.

Learn more about Jason Hope: http://cityscene.org/jason-hope-the-entrepreneur-from-arizona/

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