Talos Energy Takes Over The Mexican Gulf Energy Sector

Talos Energy Takes Over the Mexican Gulf Energy Sector

Who knew that such a calamity as Hurricane Harvey would spearhead the biggest deal in the history of Talos Energy? Possibly, nobody anticipated this. As the severe cyclone swept over Houston, people lost their property, and others perished. Roads were impassable, and the region had a power blackout. Dreams were shattered. But to Talos Energy Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan, Kingwood resident, it wasn’t over.

Duncan had been spearheading a deal between his company and Stone Energy Company. The tropical torment marked the fourth month of unripe 2.5 billion dollar merger between the two companies. Even though the acquisition seemed risky owing to the troubled nature of both companies, the deal would save Talos Energy the costs of transforming into a public outfit. Thus, the executive was determined to make the deal successful at all expenses.

Refusing to get distraction from the flood, Duncan hired private plane for his family with the destination in his parent’s Alabamian home. There, he transformed his mother’s dining room into a working area, where he camped for weeks until he sealed the deal. The successful merger would see Talos Energy control 900 million dollars revenue per annum.

Talos would also control assets valued at 2.3 billion USD. On the other hand, the energy company will be operating with a debt of 700 million USD, making the deal a risk-free acquisition. The fact that nearly all these assets are spread in the Mexican Gulf adds a limitation to Talos; it is expensive to drill new platforms, and there is a high probability of catastrophes in the waters. However, the difference between the assets and debts would be useful in offsetting such substantial operational expenses.

Even though Talos Energy is on the path of becoming the leading energy company in the Gulf of Mexico, its history hasn’t been rosy. The firm’s biggest Phoenix field asset received a distraction when Hurricane Rita rolled over New Orleans in 2005. Despite having the asset swept aware, Talos was ready to clean up the mess. Currently, 16,000 daily barrels are pumped from the field.

With the inheritance of Stone Energy assets such as Pompano Platform, Talos is anticipating a vast infrastructure base that would increase its output. And as the firm has sailed through catastrophes, this would go down in history as the biggest deal in the firm’s play in the Mexican Gulf.

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Peter Briger Essential to Fortress Group’s Diversification

Fortress Group manages $43 billion for its investors. Managing the investment of such sums requires competent leaders with well-rounded backgrounds in finance and investing. At the top of Fortress Group’s management team are its three principals, Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger.

Unlike Edens and Nardone, Peter Briger was not there for the 1998 founding of Fortress Group, which he joined four years later in 2002. Briger was invited to become a principal at Fortress because of his track record in debt securities and real estate investing. At the time Fortress was eager to broaden its operations beyond the private equity investments that dominated its portfolio at that point.

Before coming to Fortress, Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs in 1996. Just one year later, in 1997, Briger cofounded Goldman Sachs’ Special Situations Group. Known for both the secrecy surrounding its investments and the profitability of those investments, some credit the Special Situations Group for generating a significant chunk of Goldman’s revenue from the mid-aughts to 2015. One of the groups cofounders left in 2007, pointing to the inadequacy of his $70 million per annum compensation. Briger’s tenure in that group was by itself enough to cement his rep as an investment manager with elite skills.

The Special Situations Group’s fundamental strategy was to invest in debts or properties that had, for whatever reason, fallen from favor in the minds of mainstream investment managers. The group would buy, ride out the bad times and the negative sentiment, ultimately producing head-turning profits. Whether it was Thai auto loans, a UK power station, or other Asian investments in troubled mortgages, or an alcoholic beverage producer, Briger and his teammates saw opportunity where others saw tainted reputations or political uncertainty.

Given Peter Briger’s considerable experience in Asian investments, particularly in debt securities and real estate, it seems likely that Briger’s presence at Fortress was very much a part of SofBank’s (a Japanese multinational) 2017 acquisition of Fortress Group for USD 3.3 billion. The sale vaulted Briger back onto the Forbe’s 400 list of billionaires. It is no coincidence that Briger’s office is on the west coast of the US, on an ocean shared with Asia.

Peter Briger earned a BA at Princeton University and remains not only an active alumnus but a significant financial contributor to his alma mater. Briger went on to earn an MBA from Wharton.

Jason Hope supports anti-aging research team

Jason Hope is a futurist and a philanthropist from Arizona. He is one of the people who is supporting worthy causes in the area of technological developments. He is at the center of key research work that is ongoing related to an anti-aging drug. For those who do not yet know, there is research that is being done by a group known as the SENS Research Foundation. This group wants to create a drug that will slow down or stop the pace of aging in human beings. Jason Hope and this organization are driven by the need to have a society that is free of old age diseases.

From research, it is clear that there is a correlation between aging and old age diseases. As we get old, our bodies become frail, and we even become susceptible to diseases that could not have affected us if the bodies were strong. In light of this matter, the organization embarked on research that aims at applying biotechnological knowledge to create a drug that will reverse the effects of aging. A drug that can rebuild body tissues that are damaged due to old age will see the body remain strong for many years. Find out more about Jason Hope on Arizona Capitol Times.

Jason Hope is supporting this project as a philanthropist. Since SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit group, he is helping them achieve their goal which he also sees as a great step towards resolving human diseases. This drug will go to the core cause of old age diseases and not just cure the diseases after it has affected someone as normally happens with the drugs that we are using today.

Jason Hope is right at the center of the whole thing. He has contributed $500,000 to this foundation that has gone to the building of laboratories and hosting of annual conferences that bring experts in this field together to discuss areas which can lead to the drug they are looking for. SENS Research Foundation is optimistic that very soon they might be able to make a breakthrough. Jason Hope on his part continues with philanthropy supporting this organization accomplish this vital goal. For more information, visit Jason Hope: https://medium.com/@jasonhope


Robert Deignan on Following His Instinct Even If He Can’t Verbalize It

One of the interesting things about entrepreneurs is that they have a quality that goes beyond what is expected. For one thing, they seem to have a good grasp on what would work for them. This is one of the reasons that they are very successful in their business. Robert Deignan is one of the people who goes beyond logic in order to find a solution. One thing that he has said during an interview is that if there is something that is right or wrong, he listens to his intuition about it. He does not worry about being able to verbalize it.

A lot of people have that same intuition that is going to help them with their business. However, a lot of them fall into this trap of needing to verbalize everything. This can cause some issues with their business in that they may find themselves slowing down or even coming to a stop. One of the most important things with business is having the confidence to move forward. This is one thing that Robert Deignan has realized. This is also the reason that he has become very successful in his career. He just goes for what he believes in.

One of the businesses that benefit from the insights of Robert Deignan is ATS Digital. This business is involved with digital and technological services. Therefore, people have a place to go when they are having some kind of challenge with their devices and their services. Robert Deignan shows a lot of technological expertise with his business. This is one of the reasons that he has gained the successes he has. He also avoids getting to stuck in his head like some other people when they try to move forward. Robert is very diligent as well as thoughtful in what he does.