Oncotarget Reports the Truth About E-Cigarettes

A medical study performed by the University of Rochester Medical Center shows that electronic cigarettes can damage gums and teeth just as badly a traditional cigarette. The younger generation perceives electronic cigarettes as a healthier option to traditional cigarettes. The Oncotarget was the first entity to publish this trend. Download output styles at Endnote.com.

Why are E-Cigarettes Bad for Your Teeth and Gums?

When you smoke an e-cigarette, it releases vapors that send signals to your brain and your brain releases anti-inflammatory agents. These agents are released, and this causes stress to the cells of the gums. Prolonged exposure to stress can be damaging to the cells and lead to gum disease and inflammation. The study showed that certain e-cigarette flavorings were more harmful than others, and e-cigarettes do contain nicotine as well. The e-cigarette is made up of a battery, a cartridge to hold the e-juice, and a heating device that heats the liquid and turns the juice into an aerosol, and this is what the user inhales.

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What is the Oncotarget?

Oncotarget is a medical journal that provides open access to the medical community. Launched in 2010, Oncotarget has been covering all aspects of oncology ever since. It includes new findings, research, studies, and it is peer-reviewed. Oncotarget is a weekly publication and was the first journal to publish the conclusions of the damage e-cigarettes can do to teeth and gums.

The findings by Oncotarget can be revolutionary to young people who smoke e-cigarettes. If smokers are kept informed of the risks of smoking e-cigarettes, they can better prepare for the health problems that could show up later in their lives. This study and Oncotarget are striving to keep people up to speed with health issues.