The Dionysus of Mental Health: Jeremy Goldstein

Mental health has been a subject that has been discussed back and forth for centuries and centuries.

Before, it was said that mental illnesses are a thing of imagination, centuries ago a person with schizophrenia might be mistaken for a person who is believed to be possessed, and even until now a person diagnosed with clinical depression is sometimes sometimes mocked with the idealogy that he or she is just seeking for attention. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

This is not the case, mental health is a serious subject that should be taken and tackled with the most sensitive discretion.

This is why the World Health Organization has deemed mental illnesses as the humanitarian crisis of our time – affecting almost half a billion people around the world.

It lags your life in the most basic aspects like education, work, and societal relationships. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

This is why there are a lot of organizations and groups that help people who suffer from these mental illnesses – one of these groups are Fountain House.

They have been supporting people with mental illnesses for about 70 years now, the group before was named “We Are Not Alone” (kind of like Michael Jackson’s song, ‘you are not alone’) – to send the message that people who are struggling with mental illnesses are indeed, not alone. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

About almost a half a century ago, Fountain house with the help of some of their friends have purchased their own permanent home which had a beautiful fountain in the garden thus their name now, Fountain House.

Jeremy Goldstein, a patriot and champion for mental health and illnesses, a member of the board at Fountain house, and a partner at Jeremy Goldstein and Associates, LLC., hosted an exclusive wine dinner to raise more funds for the heroic cause of Fountain House.

The dinner was menu was nothing short of fancy – they had the finest wine and a scrumptious meal. They had two dinners in total – one in NoMAd Hotel that had a beautiful view of the skyline and had a hand picked selection of Chateau Latour Wine Vintages – this dinner reeled in about thirty thousand dollars.

While the second dinner was held in New York City, in response to the popularity that the first dinner garnered. The second dinner reeled in a little less than twenty five thousand dollars.

In total, they raised about fifty six thousand dollars for fountain house and this supported that professional self-help program that is lead by people who were recovering from their illness with the help from the staff.