Securus Technologies, Partnering Makes Perfect

Securus Technologies, a company specializing in connecting inmates with their loved ones, is making news lately. Wanting to expand its services, the company acquired two other companies recently, JPay and GovPayNet. The decision is proving itself to be worthwhile, as new beneficial technology is being introduced. The technology is known as a wireless containment system.


Working as a cell tower, WCS makes it impossible to use contraband cell devices from inside the facility where the system is placed. It works by intercepting the call or text message and telling the person attempting the communication that the call has been disconnected. Illegal communications from within correctional institutions have resulted in many unfortunate violent crimes. Among those injured by these crimes are Robert Johnson, a retired correctional facility worker, and even an infant. Johnson has since partnered with Securus to advance the technology and is even lobbying to make the systems mandatory by law.


JPay and GovPayNet are typically known as financial services companies. JPay is best known for money wiring and funding inmate accounts. The company has also recently introduced tablet computers made available to purchase by inmates. The tablets are loaded with educational software and limited entertainment. This helps the inmates return to the “outside” with a head start. Certainly, an advantageous effort for those returning to the working world. GovPayNet is known as one of the largest payment processors for governmental entities. Payments for items like court costs, probation, traffic tickets and the like are all under the GovPayNet umbrella. The companies are excited to bring new technology to the forefront and improve the already existing technology. Both companies have been in business for many years and are joining the 30 plus years of experience that Securus has in the business as a leader.


Securus Technologies also has a great record when it comes to customer service. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Being awarded the prestigious Torch Award, the company is recognized for outstanding ethical practices. With an “A+” rating to match its over 95 percent customer satisfaction record, Securus continues its impressive streak. The company serves thousands of agencies across the country in addition to the 1.2 million inmates served. Other well-known services include video visitation, messaging, voicemail, and financial services. When it comes to taking care of everyone involved in the world of corrections, Securus proudly delivers quality, innovative products for the benefit of everyone.

Using Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

Working in law enforcement is both challenging and rewarding for the same reasons, mostly because you never really know what any given day will bring. Perhaps the most frustrating thing for me is trying to solve a crime so that the suspect is not able to hurt more innocent people along the way. Each day the crimes go unsolved, I feel my job is to put it to an end.


Recently, me and my fellow officers were doing a routine run to the local jail to interview inmates about their knowledge of a recent crime spree. While most inmates will not even think of helping authorities, we still make a run at it. This trip was rewarding because a corrections officer pulled us aside and told me that whatever we were talking to the inmates about was creating a real buzz on the jail phones.


This jail had the entire jail phone system updated by Securus Technologies and their unique call monitoring system. The system is in 2,510 jails already, and makes use of LBS software to scan all the calls at once and pick out unique chatter related to crimes. During our visit we must have hit a nerve because a few inmates raced to the phones shortly after and were discussing things about the case we were working on.


It was one of those calls where we discovered one of the inmates was on the phone with a suspect we were hunting, and that call revealed some crucial information that helped tip us off as to what their next move would be. Upon the release of that inmate, he joined up with that crew and they were nabbed the next day committing the crimes we were trying to prevent in the first place. The monitoring system is a tool we rely on now to help prevent other crimes.


Why Securus Technologies is Name That Can Be Trusted

Part of my job responsibility inside the prison is making certain that everyone is safe. Not only do I have to pay close attention to my fellow officers, but I must make certain that inmates, their guests, and all staff working behind the prison walls are safe as well. This is no easy task because the prison that I work has a huge violent gang population that would jump at the chance to hurt a person in an authoritative position.


To maintain order, we try to give the inmates respect, but when it comes to gang life, you follow your brothers and you never side with the police. These inmates have developed incredibly crafty ways to get access to things like drugs and weapons while behind bars, so we focus our efforts each day in eliminating the contraband to make the jail safer for us all.


We usually place a huge police presence in the inmate visitor center to try and stop things like drugs from getting to the inmates. We will follow up these efforts doing cell inspections during the afternoon to try and recover anything that may have slipped by. In the past we would even listen in on the jail phones for conversations by the inmates concerning drugs or weapons. Thanks to Securus Technologies, we do not have to utilize valuable man-power in that phone monitoring center any longer.


Securus Technologies has designed an inmate call monitoring system that can scan calls at the same time and identify when any verbiage about contraband is spoken. The company is based out of Dallas, and all thousand of the Securus Technologies employees work tirelessly to keep the world safe for all. Now the LBS software is identifying issues that me and my officers can take care of in a more timely manner.


Securus technology: Keeping a close eye on inmate safety

Securus Technologies, the prime provider of solutions regarding civil and criminal justice, technology for communication, investigations, monitoring and public safety, announces their highly professional aid to a legal challenge facing inner parts review- where persons on legal protection are exposed by a panel of organizational law judges.


How Securus technologies make their ends meet

Securus technologies have achieved a portfolio growth of over hundreds of million dollar investment within their 28-year period of existence. They are focused on developing at least one product weekly- to aid in law enforcement and crime prevention. They protect the innocent by redacting specific references to their countries, facility names, or states. The Securus’ LBS and Investigator Pro software continues to brand most correctional facilities as top-rank jail phone providers. The software keeps a close eye on inmate movement, transportation as well as the general inmate activity, including incident reporting. Monitoring of inmate calls regarding drug selling, alcohol, use, the existence of drugs and many illegal things is part of what it offers.


Securus technology has also hit headlines by remote video visitation. This has enabled visitors to connect to inmates via desktops instead of the traditional way- driving to jail. This is less costly as we are able to connect souls that care deeply for each other, by just a click of the computer or mobile phone hence more visitations to the inmates.


Securus achievements

Securus Technologies serves more than 3,450 public securities, law imposition, as well as correction agencies with more than 1.2million inmates, across the north of America. They are dedicated to serve and deliver emergency response, information management, biometric analysis, public information, inmate self-service, incident management, communication and monitoring products plus services to make our globe a less hazardous place to stay. Securus technologies, therefore, connect what matters, as building safety remains part of our DNA. You can as well visit Securus for any queries, comments and general information. You will also learn why most correctional facilities bank their trust on Secure technologies.