Natural Resources Expert Matt Badiali Writes about Increasing Oil Prices

Matt Badiali, a natural resources expert, wrote in a recent article that higher oil prices are coming down the pike. Beginning in the fall these higher prices will hit, in no small due to the United States exiting the agreement made with Iran and its nuclear power. This agreement, signed in 2015, had allowed Iran to start exporting its oil and engaging in other international trade.

Exiting this agreement meant that oil sanctions against Iran will start in November. As Iran exports about 2.2 million barrels of oil a day this is going to have a large impact on the price of oil. This amount of oil is too large of an amount for other nations like the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Russia to replace.

There are countries, including China, who have refused to take part in the American embargo of Iran. They will continue to import oil from Iran as much as they have before, Matt Badiali wrote. Still, other countries are setting up alternatives to get the oil they need. An oil executive in India, Sanjiv Singh, stated that no matter what happens with oil from Iran his country would continue to get the same amount of oil just from other sources.

Matt Badiali says that in order for oil prices to not go up in the fall absolutely nothing else can go wrong. That means Venezuela, Libya, and Nigeria continue to pump the same amount of oil. The Middle East also needs to not have any disruptions. While speculators appear to believe oil prices won’t go up he feels they are wrong and so he is taking a long position on oil.

Matt Badiali writes about oil and other natural resources in a financial newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, published through Banyan Hill Publishing. He has a master’s degree in geology so his educational background and experience make him a natural fit to research the natural resource market and give his opinion on where investment opportunities lie. He has been writing about these sorts of investments for the past 14 years.


Talos Energy Takes Over The Mexican Gulf Energy Sector

Talos Energy Takes Over the Mexican Gulf Energy Sector

Who knew that such a calamity as Hurricane Harvey would spearhead the biggest deal in the history of Talos Energy? Possibly, nobody anticipated this. As the severe cyclone swept over Houston, people lost their property, and others perished. Roads were impassable, and the region had a power blackout. Dreams were shattered. But to Talos Energy Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan, Kingwood resident, it wasn’t over.

Duncan had been spearheading a deal between his company and Stone Energy Company. The tropical torment marked the fourth month of unripe 2.5 billion dollar merger between the two companies. Even though the acquisition seemed risky owing to the troubled nature of both companies, the deal would save Talos Energy the costs of transforming into a public outfit. Thus, the executive was determined to make the deal successful at all expenses.

Refusing to get distraction from the flood, Duncan hired private plane for his family with the destination in his parent’s Alabamian home. There, he transformed his mother’s dining room into a working area, where he camped for weeks until he sealed the deal. The successful merger would see Talos Energy control 900 million dollars revenue per annum.

Talos would also control assets valued at 2.3 billion USD. On the other hand, the energy company will be operating with a debt of 700 million USD, making the deal a risk-free acquisition. The fact that nearly all these assets are spread in the Mexican Gulf adds a limitation to Talos; it is expensive to drill new platforms, and there is a high probability of catastrophes in the waters. However, the difference between the assets and debts would be useful in offsetting such substantial operational expenses.

Even though Talos Energy is on the path of becoming the leading energy company in the Gulf of Mexico, its history hasn’t been rosy. The firm’s biggest Phoenix field asset received a distraction when Hurricane Rita rolled over New Orleans in 2005. Despite having the asset swept aware, Talos was ready to clean up the mess. Currently, 16,000 daily barrels are pumped from the field.

With the inheritance of Stone Energy assets such as Pompano Platform, Talos is anticipating a vast infrastructure base that would increase its output. And as the firm has sailed through catastrophes, this would go down in history as the biggest deal in the firm’s play in the Mexican Gulf.

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Herbalife Nutrition Partners with FIDM in a Design Contest

Herbalife is an international multi-level company that initiates, markets and sells a variety of products ranging from nutrition supplements to personalized care products. The company was established in the year 1980 by Mark Hughes.


Headquartered in Los Angeles California, the company is in operation in over 95 countries across the world. It has employed an approximate number of 8,000 employees around the globe with a network of over 3.2 million distributors.


Herbalife’s major products include protein shakes and weight loss vitamins. It also produces sports hydration drinks, protein bars, aloes, and teas. The company’s products are manufactured in the 5 major outlets located in the United States and China.


The company mainly markets its products through team sponsorships. It is the shirt sponsor of United States Major Soccer league side, LA Galaxy from the year 2007. The company has also sponsored the world’s best footballers, Christiano Ronaldo, and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.


Herbalife penetrated the fashion industry when it announced a design contest in partnership with the renowned Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. The fashion competition is a section of a specialized advanced study platform. In the program, FIDM students are required to come up with a variety of designed active wear.


Students taking part in the competition are put into groups and challenged to develop an activewear collection that features an active and healthy lifestyle. The students are also expected to present their end products to the FIDM panel and the Herbalife Nutrition team of specialists.


The final challenge of the participants will involve an intense scrutiny by the panel of judges from both parties. The entire team will be required to highlight how to incorporate the individual ideas into a collection. Furthermore, the students are allowed to take part in individual designs apart from their group projects.


Herbalife Nutrition’s Chief Executive Officer, Rich Goudis said that the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising is one of the best fashion institutes in the world. He added that its commitment to innovation and production of quality designs made it the best partner in the contest.


Barbara Bundy, FIDM’s Vice President noted that 2018 was the 26th year that the school had collaborated with a global brand in the creation of a fashion contest for its students. The vice president thanked the company for inspiring and challenging the FiDM students.

Lawrence Atilion Joins Madison Street Capital As a Managing Director

Lawrence Alioto has been appointed as a Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, with the responsibility of overseeing the Capital Market Team. CEO Charles Botchway expressed his happiness over bringing Lawrence Alioto on board as a Managing Director. He also stated that Mr. Alioto was their first choice because of his sold background in tech. His expertise and unique approach to financial tasks is a much-needed attribute today as technology becomes more advanced and competitive every day. Mr. Atilio will be playing a major role in the company’s plans in Austin.




Headquartered at Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm and have a strength of 150 employees. They serve the middle-market companies and specialize in a broad spectrum of services ranging from merger and acquisition to providing financial advice. They never deviate from the motto of the company which is to uphold integrity, maintain high standards of excellence, learning to be a leader and to provide unparalleled service to clients. The company makes sure they have a good understanding of the client’s goals and objectives and make them a priority when they take a new project. Madison Street Capital believes that upcoming markets as the single source of influencing the growth of their clients and have plans to acquire assets on such markets.



He started his career as a futures and options trader for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He moved to San Francisco to work as a representative for PaineWebber. At the onset of the 21st Century, Lawrence changed his domain to business development and private equity. For almost a decade he worked for a tech company based in California, VeriTainer Corporation. VeriTainer developed anti-terror maritime container radiation scanning systems. Lawrence Atilio worked here from 2003-14. Throughout his career, he maintained a high level of integrity and delivered top quality work.



After his stint at VeriTainer, he developed a diverse taste in business interest. From developing to financing, he took care of his business interests as a whole. His interests ranged from energy-saving systems to medical devices. He is a board member of Kaizen Oil Corp. The corporation is currently focusing on planning an efficient oil recovery procedure under an asset acquisition model. His experience in vast and diverse and includes finance, corporate development, government affairs and business development. He acquired and implemented these skills both globally and domestically.



He acknowledged the position he was offered by stating how thrilled he would be to make a difference in the company especially tackling the varied challenges mergers and acquisition transactions showcase. He is exceedingly happy about the work that was being done by the International banking firm and how they are providing a huge scope for expansion and growth to middle-market companies.


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Nick Vertucci’s Most Important Lesson

Nick Vertucci is someone who has experienced a lot of success. However, he has experienced some failures that have truly shaped his life. As a matter of fact, he has a piece of advice for people who are planning on taking a similar path. One thing that Nick Vertucci has stated in an interview is that the best thing for people to do is plan and prepare for change. One of the reasons that this is important is that there is nothing that is going to last forever. For one thing, tactics that have worked before are not always going to work.

One of the reasons that Nick Vertucci has said that it is best to plan for change is that one company that he has run during the dot com boom was not immune to the burst. He has lost his business and then struggled for years until he has found an opportunity. One of the pieces of advice that he has given when it comes to success is to treat it as if it is something temporary. For instance, the best thing to do is save as much as possible for financial hardships. Another thing that he has stated is to invest in as much real estate as possible.

One thing that can be gained from this is that no one is immune from financial hard times. Even people who are holding jobs in an established company as an employee could be laid off. Therefore, it is important for people to have something that can hold them over when they need it. One way to save and have things prepared for financial hardships like Nick Vertucci advises is to diversify. One of the worst things to do is have all eggs in one basket. Diligence is also a good thing.

How Wes Edens Grew In Popularity

Wes Edens may be a co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group, but his interests are quite varied. The company is now focused on something that has been of great interest to Americans for centuries. The topic of real estate is now at the forefront of the firm’s investment efforts. These CRE-focused funds will be divided into two funds. The first deal worth mentioning is worth $1.5 million and it is a credit fund. This fund is set to close by end of the year, and the other will be more focused on purchasing real estate debt as well as additional assets. Those additional assets are believed to include airplanes, a unique position for the company as air flight undergoes numerous changes.

What is behind this strategy? Wes Edens is taking the position that it’s all about private credit activity. It seems that he has become so popular because he has an eye for what’s new and emerging within the marketplace. The new moves for the firm are likely related to the new funding behind the company now that they are owned by SoftBank. SoftBank purchased the firm last year for more than $3 million dollars. This move was supported by co-founder Wes Edens. All members were in agreement for the deal that closed at the end of the year.

While the bank has no dealings in the daily operations, Wes Edens and his partners are quite busy with their decision making process for new areas of investing with this new alternative asset arm for the company. While this is at work, the head of the Vision Fund is working on new areas of interest for the firm in the Middle East. This is spearheaded by Rajeev Misra. His plan is to take brands that are backed by Fortress Investment Group, and market those to his backers in the Middle East for more opportunity. It seems the firm is experiencing more growth than in years past, thanks to their new backers and their partners.

OSI Industries profile

OSI Industries is Illinois based privately held company that works in the meat processing industry. The company serves in the food and retail service industries with over 67 facilities across the world. The company specializes in manufacturing and supplying food to retail markets in the United States, Europe and Canada. To this end, it offers pork, beef, sausages, bacon, snacks, desserts, meat analog, seafood, dough, cheese-based products, fruits, and vegetables.

Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant established the company in 1909 in Oak Park Illinois as a family meat marketer. He would later expand the business into the wholesale meat trade as well as relocating the business to Maywood, a Chicago suburb. In 1928, the company changed its name to Otto & Sons. Over the years, the company established a reputation in the area for providing quality meats to its customers.

When McDonald opened its first restaurant in Des Plaines, Otto & Sons became the sole supplier of fresh ground beef patties. This gave the company an opportunity to expand and eventually changed its name to OSI Industries in the 1970s. Today, the company supplies meat to fast food retail chains across the world such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks and Papa John’s Pizza. It has more than 20, 00 employees working in more than 17 countries where its meat processing facilities are located. Using qualified employees, the company use technology and innovation to produce as well as distribute custom food solutions across the world.

OSI Industries offer trustworthy and efficient supply chain expertise to its customers. It also offers custom food solutions which are made to meet the exact specifications of the customers. The company has staff members with exceptional culinary skills that ensuring that they serve its customers well.

Over the years, OSI Industries has been recognized by many organizations for its role in providing quality meat products to its customers. As such, the company has received several awards for managing the environment, health and safety risks efficiently. This is exemplified by the fact that in 2016, British Safety Council awarded the company the Globe of Honor award. This year, the company was awarded the award of merit during the International Safety Awards. These prestigious awards are a testament to the company’s commitment to high-quality customer care services.

Forbes listed OSI Industries in 2011 as one of the largest private companies in the United States based on its annual revenues of more than $3 billion. OSI Industries was also ranked number 58 on the largest private companies in the United States by Forbes with a revenue of more than six billion dollars.

Surf Air: Changing air travel experience in the U.S

Traditionally, air travel was for the rich and wealthy in the society. Most of the rich people boarded planes when going for vacations and holidays with their families. But times have changed. Air travel is no longer a preserve for the rich and affluent in the society. It has become a necessity for businesspeople running businesses in different states and countries and other people who need to travel for leisure or to visit relatives in other parts of the world.

Even with the increased use of air travel, a lot of people are dissatisfied with the services offered by most of the commercial airlines. In most of the commercial airlines, it is common to find multiple checkpoints, delayed flights, long lines and lengthy layovers.

Surf Air was recently introduced to save travelers by removing all the blockades associated with air travel. Surf Air is now considered as the game changer in the air travel industry. Surf Air seeks to expand and change the traveling experience for more than 2.9 million travelers who fly each day to various destinations in the U.S alone. Anyone can use Surf Air services regardless of whether they are traveling for work, pleasure or even visiting relatives.

Removing barriers

Surf Air has managed to remove most of the hurdles associated with traditional airlines. They have achieved this by introducing a membership club where travelers are charged an affordable subscription fee for several flights within the U.S.

The concept has proved hugely successful with more people subscribing to Air Surf membership each day. Currently, they have more than 4,000 members and they are making about 90 flights across Texas, Nevada and California. They have recently expanded to Europe, and the business is growing each day tremendously.

About Surf Air

Surf Air is a product of a Los Angeles-based business incubator, MuckerLab. It was founded in 2012, and within four years of operation, Surf Air had registered more than 3,000 members. Recently, Surf Air acquired Rise Airlines, which helped them to increase their subscriptions by more than 25 percent. Surf Air expanded their operations to U.K in June last year.

Charlamagne Stops By HBCU To Discuss New Book

Charlamagne Tha God has a podcast called The Brilliant Idiots and is a host on Power105’s radio show The Breakfast Club. He has also made appearances in television and film, such as VH1’s Guy Code and the film Bodied.

He is also an author, just releasing his second book. It is called Shook One; Anxiety Playing Tricks One Me, and it’s all about the struggles he went through as a young person that he now regrets. He talks about PTSD, anxiety, and why he made the decision to seek therapy.

Charlamagne discussed the book and other topics on the HBCU 468 podcast.

Charlamagne explained where he got the name of the book from. He took two well-known hip hop songs – Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones” and Geto Boys’ “My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me” – and combined the tracks into an appropriately title for a book. “Shook Ones” is a song about not being scared, and “My Minds Playing Tricks On Me” is a song about insanity.

The subject of the #MeToo movement eventually came up during the episode. After explaining that he had 2 daughters, a wife, and another daughter on the way, Charlamagne said that he couldn’t be more in favor of women receiving the opportunity to speak up.

“If you want to judge me for old things, I’m fine with that,” Charlamagne said. “My narrative has completely changed.” Charlamagne checked himself into therapy at the age of 39 in order to deal with his past mistakes.

Details on his younger life, his changes, and his therapy can be found in the book. For example, when Charlamagne was younger, he found himself in constant trouble with the law. In fact, he was arrested three different times before breaking into the radio industry. He is now one of the most well-known personalities in hip-hop radio.

Ted Bauman: Getting the Best of Both Worlds

There are many investment opportunities, but many people don’t see them. Succeeding in business requires one to know a lot about the business world and walk closely with a successful investor like Ted Bauman to master the art. From what Ted has observed, many people have little knowledge about bonds and stocks. He advises people to invest in this area if they want to enjoy great results. Most people face disaster because they don’t prepare well. Though every investor desires to see a steady market, it may crash for various reasons. What worries Ted is that the market may crash at a time when people aren’t prepared enough. This would be the worst disaster for an investor.

Although the market may remain stable for a long time, it’s still hard to know what may happen to it next. So, the preparation aspect shouldn’t be taken lightly. The bullish market trend is always exciting, but this doesn’t mean it would last forever. As an experienced and competent economist, Ted Bauman says people shouldn’t worry about the change that may come, but about what they would do with that change. He says anyone investing in bonds and stocks should expect the market to go up or down sometimes, and be bold to take it.

Having been in the world of business and investment for a long time, this gifted economist knows some things many people don’t know. To begin with, Ted knows that one has to change their mindset or perception about investment if they want to become true investors. Real investors know they can’t accumulate much wealth from their investment within a short time. Ted Bauman says the investors should develop great perseverance in their business endeavors. Wealth isn’t made in hours. Ted says you should always try to keep your risks minimal and maximize on the available investment opportunity.

Ted Bauman acknowledges that investing in bonds is a smart idea people need to embrace. He, however, says that only a few people do this. Anyone looking for an investment strategy with lower risks would consider bonds. Getting the best of both worlds is what every investor desires. Investing in bonds and stocks would increase your chances to reap handsome returns on investment. If the stock market happens to crash, you would still be fine since the bond market is steady. A great investor is a great thinker who only goes for a winning investment strategy.