How Wes Edens Grew In Popularity

Wes Edens may be a co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group, but his interests are quite varied. The company is now focused on something that has been of great interest to Americans for centuries. The topic of real estate is now at the forefront of the firm’s investment efforts. These CRE-focused funds will be divided into two funds. The first deal worth mentioning is worth $1.5 million and it is a credit fund. This fund is set to close by end of the year, and the other will be more focused on purchasing real estate debt as well as additional assets. Those additional assets are believed to include airplanes, a unique position for the company as air flight undergoes numerous changes.

What is behind this strategy? Wes Edens is taking the position that it’s all about private credit activity. It seems that he has become so popular because he has an eye for what’s new and emerging within the marketplace. The new moves for the firm are likely related to the new funding behind the company now that they are owned by SoftBank. SoftBank purchased the firm last year for more than $3 million dollars. This move was supported by co-founder Wes Edens. All members were in agreement for the deal that closed at the end of the year.

While the bank has no dealings in the daily operations, Wes Edens and his partners are quite busy with their decision making process for new areas of investing with this new alternative asset arm for the company. While this is at work, the head of the Vision Fund is working on new areas of interest for the firm in the Middle East. This is spearheaded by Rajeev Misra. His plan is to take brands that are backed by Fortress Investment Group, and market those to his backers in the Middle East for more opportunity. It seems the firm is experiencing more growth than in years past, thanks to their new backers and their partners.